The SecureDNA project

The SecureDNA project seeks to enable fast, reliable, cheap, automated screening of DNA synthesis orders, to prevent both careless and malicious users from synthesizing potentially-hazardous DNA sequences anywhere in the world. It is an international, academic/commercial partnership project, consisting of researchers from MIT, Tsinghua University, Aarhus University, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, and other world-leading academic institutions, in partnership with major international DNA synthesis providers. Our implementation languages are Rust and Python. Contact:

Our goal is to develop an automatic and accurate screening system which can:

To learn more, visit our website or read our technical whitepaper.

We are seeking developers and a software development manager to help build a team and implement the specification we have developed. This includes the initial beta release, scheduled for the next several months, with possible extension to the entire (multi-year) project. See below for specific descriptions.

No relocation is required; this is a 100% virtual position. SecureDNA has the flexibility to hire either as a full-time salaried position or as a contractor at industry-competitive rates. Funding is administered through MIT (US) and Tsinghua University (China).

Basic Requirements for all positions (developers and development manager): Nice to Have
  • Familiarity with modern cryptography-based secure computing algorithms.
  • Some familiarity with basic biological knowledge and DNA synthesis.
  • Flexible work hours and arrangement; remote and/or part-time are both acceptable.
  • A critical role in implementing an important biosecurity system which will be deployed worldwide.
  • Future opportunities in long-term collaboration with other research projects.
  • Competitive salary and other benefits.


  • We seek developers with skills to help with:
    • Writing a variety of components, mostly backend (storage, crypto, network) and a small amount of frontend (customer-facing web).
    • Establishing a testing framework, including both unit testing and continuous integration.
    • Deploying the system into the production environments of our DNA customers and vendor partners.
  • Development manager

  • Your responsibilities include:
    • Assisting in locating, evaluating, and hiring developers to write robust, well-documented code.
    • Assisting in development (coding, documentation, testing, etc) as appropriate and required.
    • Planning and monitoring development schedules.
  • Contact:  (principals only; no recruiters, please)